Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tsukuba Super Battle 2011 - I's Factory

A new car to me was the I's Factory SE3P RX8. It looked pretty cool in full Mazdaspeed A-Spec Style and the GT Wing and small extras finished it nicely.

I don't know much about this car, but after viewing their website, I'm surprised I saw it this time. is based in Okayama which is way south west of Japan.

Their modifications seem to be based around their own brand of suspension and rigid chassis components and bushings to get a good balance in the car.  And then ECU tune and some Rays TE37 SL add lightweight performance gains also.

A regular competitor in the Japanese Miester Cup RX8 Challenge series the car features in the top 10. But the one thing you notice about the RX8s vs the Rx7s is that they just keep circulating... lap after lap after lap.

FD3s are the sprinters. SE3P are the simple endurance machines. I'm not sure which brings more satisfaction.

Maybe Both.


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