Wednesday, November 23, 2011

7's Day 2011 - Touge Legend.

What does it take to create a legend?

A good script, an actual event or chance. Whatever the truth, the Touge Monster FD3s is a legend. The defeater and defender of the Touge. On a chosen piece of asphalt in Gunma Japan, this machine was, and still is, capable of dispatching more powerful and favoured 2wd and 4wd opponents. It defines the term "Total Balance". It also builds credit to the notion that if you want to drive hard and get satisfaction, you don't a million dollar budget, 600 horsepower or a widebody pretty car, especially on the street.

At seven's day I spotted the car in the carpark at Tsukuba, the car is still street registered without drama, and during my trip from Tsukuba to Daikoku, the surprise street attack was still evident. Unfortunately I was driving and not taking pictures at that time. (fun fun)

Twin turbo, 360hp, and only 17" wheels and Neova may sound a bit under spec, but it led to more than a few replica builds including my own. The white FD in the background of the picture below was the replacement built by RE-Amemiya. Both cars would go toe to toe all day and all night on your favorite mountain pass.  

Quite simply ... adequate.


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